A marine beauty treatment for air filters?

Plenty of websites extol the health and beauty benefits of salt water:

It makes your skin softer!
It relieves aches and pains!
It has minerals that keep you young!

Tell that to machinery used in coastal environments.

Salt spray is corrosive – even deadly – to anything made of metal.

That includes air filters – unless they’re made by Permatron.

Marine Air FiltersOur custom-designed filters combine a stainless steel frame with a polypropylene mesh media that is durable, electrostatic and impervious to the elements.

Our filters recently passed muster in a corrosion evaluation by an expert hired by a huge OEM.

Their stainless steel frames and noncorrosive media have been field-tested in a Coast Guard cutter.



Learn more about our filters for corrosive environments here.

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