An air filter trap for even the smallest particles

Why depend on a single layer of filtering media to trap dust, contaminants and other particles when a 1-inch double-layered filter gives you extra protection – without reducing air flow? We call it the “belt and suspenders” approach to air filters. That’s the idea behind Permatron’s exclusive Accumulator Chamber® design. This unique design consists of two electrostatically charged fabric panels separated by an Accumulator Chamber.

Electrostatic Filters – How and Why They Work

Electrostatic Air Filters from PermatronPermatron manufacture a wide range of commercial electrostatic filters as well as residential electrostatic filters. Both of which offer tremendous cost savings and a lifetime of dependable use.

Here is a look at how an electrostatic filter works:

The first media panel (called the prefilter) attracts and holds airborne particulates with its electrostatic charge.

Electrostatic Air Filter - Accumulator Chamber DesignWhen the particulates build up on the prefilter, airflow causes them to break off and be swept into the Accumulator Chamber, where turbulence and electrostatic forces combine them into larger particulates too big to pass through the second panel (called the afterfilter).

The afterfilter attracts and holds the smaller particulates that may have escaped the prefilter, or do not respond to an electrostatic charge.

Our entire range of electrostatic air filters are designed to be easily removed and rinsed, giving you years of superior protection with a single filter.

We also design custom air filters for each client’s filtering and air flow requirements.

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