Custom Drain Filter

Custom Drain Filter Custom Drain Filter

Did you know that Permatron can work with you to design custom air filters for any equipment? Not only do we have different types of filter media and custom framing options  available , but we also offer a wide range of air filter mount options and  customization .

Costco Wholesale recently took advantage of our custom made service when they ran into issues in their food prep areas. Food particles would build up and clog the drain openings on their floor. The cost would be $100 per plumbing visit to fix their drains. Our expert account manager, along with the Permatron design team came up with a washable polypropylene drain filter – custom made to fit their store drains.

The drain filter is sandwiched between the drain opening and strainer, which prevents any debris from entering the hole. After several testings, the washable custom drain filter proved to be successful. Costco uses the drain filters in food prep areas, i.e. meat, deli, cafeteria.

Permatron is the lead designer and manufacturer of equipment protection prefilters for use on commercial and industrial applications. Contact us today to discuss how we can help solve your air filtration needs!

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