Improving the Air Quality in Your Kitchen

The kitchen is a place in the house that sees a lot of traffic. Between holiday gatherings, game days, preparing daily meals and the like; a lot of time is spent in the kitchen. But do you ever think the air quality in your kitchen could be harmful?

Permatron manufactures a wide range of air filters for use in ovens and cooking ranges. We also manufacture a host of other appliance air filters.

Oven Filters and Appliance Filters

If you have a range hood in your kitchen, the first priority is to ensure proper air quality. The main purpose of your range hood is to filter the harmful and hazardous odors and pollutants that come from preparing and cooking food. Your range hood includes an exhaust fan and grease filter, which will help keep smoke, grease, and steam from covering the walls in your kitchen and your lungs.

Commercial_MetalAirFilters_RangeHoodPermatron offers aluminum range hood filters for your range hood or microwave oven. Other aluminum appliance filters will reduce airborne dust particles and grease.

Our appliance filters contain multiple layers of bonded aluminum incased in an aluminum frame.

We also offer disposable odor and fume removal appliance filters. These filters will collect cooking odors, dust and grease in ductless range hoods.



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