Fan Guard Screen for BAC Cooling Tower


Challenge -Keeping Cooling Tower Water Clean

A major manufacturing plant known for their aromatherapy personal care products, located just north of the twin cities, utilizes Baltimore Aircoil cooling towers interconnected with a couple hundred heat pumps for critical zone cooling of the facility.  When the cooling tower basin water gets dirty due to air intake fouling (especially by cottonwood seeds), they have to dump out the dirty water and refill each tower.  The cleaning process has been very time consuming and costly to date.

bonnet-filter-cooling-tower-intake-fans large-fan-guard-bonnet-filter-BAC-cooling-tower

Solution – Extra Large Bonnet Style Fan Guard Filter Screens

Installing 83″ round bonnet style intake screens with a elastic edging on each of the 7 BAC cooling tower intake fans help keep the water clean prior to it reaching the water filtration system inside the building.  The filter screens are working great at collecting debris before it can enter the system to reduce sludge build-up and algae growth within the basin, plus eliminate plugging of strainers, blow-down valves and heat exchangers that normally required chemical treatments to clean.  A water meter on the system will monitor the savings from lower water usage throughout the year.  Maintenance has been simplified, as filter screens can be quickly brushed clean with a broom or shop vac.   The  overall savings from eliminating costly cleaning maintenace and equipment downtime ensures optimal facility productivity.


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