Laundry Lint Exhaust Caught In A Bonnet Filter

laundry-facility-lint-exhaust-bonnet-filter laundry-facility-lint-exhaust-bird-screen

Challenge – University Dorm’s Laundry Exhaust Vents Lint on Rooftop

College laundry machines run 24/7 because they are shared by dozens or even hundreds of students in busy state university dorm buildings.  Unfortunately the standard wire bird screens, initially installed on the system, were not able to keep the lint from blowing out of the exhaust and covering the dorm roof-tops.  University maintenance had to clean the roof-tops (where many HVAC system air intakes are located)  every 3-4 days to prevent airborne contamination.

Solution – PreVent Sock Style Bonnet Filter

Permatron manufactures a sock style bonnet filter that attaches easily to the exhaust opening in place of the wire bird screen.  The UV protected polypropylene filter has plenty of surface area to allow the lint to collect without blocking air flow or backing up in the exhaust vent.  Custom sized to the exhaust’s diameter and your length specifications, the washable/reuseable filter is an economical and environmentally friendly solution that will reduce facility maintenance and airborne debris.


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