Washable Air Filters versus Disposable Air Filters

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Challenge – Washable Air Filters versus Disposable Air Filters

A premier provider of Alaska’s finest seafood takes food safety seriously at their busy HACCP approved state of the art processing plant. Their main production plant processes millions of pounds of seafood every year, and are undertaking measures designed to improve the company’s environmental compliance.

Solution – Economical & Environmentally Friendly Washable Electrostatic Air Filters

Since 1957, Permatron has manufactured the original industrial workhorse of permanent, washable electrostatic air filtration.  Utilizing the principle of a unitized filter bank with our exclusive Accumulator Chamber® design, the Model IN outperforms and outlasts metal mesh and disposable filters in many heavy-duty industrial applications.  Custom sized to

meet customer specifications, no system modifications or electrical connections are needed.   The benefits of easy cleanability and long-term durability in high velocity systems or caustic environments gives customers the least cost over useful life, improved indoor air quality, energy efficiency and an environmentally friendly solution to their air filtration needs.  The filter’s white polypropylene media encased within a stainless steel frame provide food processing plants with FDA approved materials.


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