Neo-futuristic Skyscraper vs. London Debris

Gherkin  Gherkin PreVent Model U Air Intake  PreVent Model U Air Intake

An Emporis Skyscraper Award winner, 30 St Mary Axe more commonly known as The Gherkin due to its shape, is a commercial neo-futuristic skyscraper in London’s primary financial district. London’s first ecologically tall building and  instantly recognizable within the city’s skyline, this headquarters was designed for Swiss Re. Forty-one stories high, it provides 46,400 square meters of office space together with an arcade of shops and cafes accessed from a newly created piazza. At the summit is a club room that offers a spectacular 360-degree panorama across the capital.

Cooling towers clogged with dust

The Gherkin is located in the largest city in England and busy capital of the United Kingdom. With a population of over 8.5 million, it’s no wonder that air intake protection is required. BAC and EVAPCO cooling towers are located on the 35th floor. The best defense for this futuristic building is Permatron’s PreVent Model U, distributed through RABScreens in the UK.

An air solution like no other

The cooling towers were fitted with custom sized PreVent Model U screens, to capture dust particles before they enter the system. The PreVent Air Intake Filter Model U, contains a woven electrostatic polypropylene to capture even more of the finer particles. These air intake filters act as a primary pre-filtration defense to help prevent the damage and extensive maintenance that large volumes of debris can cause to critical cooling tower air inlets. PreVent screens are custom designed and manufactured to fit any sized air intake. Air intake cleaning maintenance, done within limited space at the top of a skyscraper, has been simplified as the filter screens can be quickly brushed clean with a broom.

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