Oversized Air Intake Filter Screens Snap Together


Challenge – Installing Oversized Air Intake Filter Screens

Protecting extra large air intake applications, like the massive cooling towers used at a busy international airport, utilize two or more PreVent screens for full intake coverage. The intake screens are manufactured in multiple 100″ X 250″ panels, and installed with heavy duty grommets (spaced every 10″-12″) inserted over unique mount clips that open/close for easy removal.  Multiple screen panels allow for ease of installation on oversized applications.

Solution – NEW Plastic Snap Connections for PreVent Filter Screens

Heavy duty black plastic snaps (fitting standard 3/8″ grommets) are now available to combine or overlap the inside vinyl edge of our Model U or Model BHA PreVent filters.  The snap connection allows for a smooth and secure installation of oversized air intake applications.  Simply insert the heavy duty snap into the front top corner grommet of the first filter screen.  Press firmly, until you feel the snap “click” into place.  Place the second filter screen behind, lining up vinyl edges with grommet.  Press 2nd filter grommet firmly onto back of installed snap.  Complete the connection by inserting snaps on the remaining inside vinyl edge grommets of the overlaping filter screen panels.  Individual panels can be easily removed during routine maintenance or repair updates.

prevent-oversized-snap-connection permatron-filter-screen-snap-connection prevent-filter-screens

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