V-Bank Filter Housing Uses Air Intake Screen

V Bank for electrical mechanical components with prevent

Challenge – Extending Filter Life In V-Bank Modules

V-bank filter configurations are used in a wide range of contaminated air streams that exist in commercial and industrial environments because of their increased filter area and reduced static pressure.  One of the largest service providers of industrial equipment solutions in Ohio utilzes V-banks on their modules that house  sensitive electrical and mechanical components.  The V-bank configuration is designed to hold many types of disposible filtration elements from hogs hair pads in service frames to pleats.

Solution –  Air Intake Filter Screen Mounted Outside Module

Installing a custom sized PreVent screen on the air entering side of a side access V-bank filter housing that is mounted on their modules as they build them has extended the interior filter life and the cleaning cycle.  PreVent air intake screens also give the modules a clean finished look in black UV protected polypropylene media finished with a vinyl edge.  The screens are securely attached with grommets and unique mount clips for easy installation and maintanance access.  Filter screens  can be quickly wiped clean of debris, like cottonwood, with a broom or shop vac.   Interior filters can work more efficiently at capturing fine particles.

Model U BHC installed on Plastic Mount Clip

For more information on air intake design options click here.

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