PreVent AC Coil & Compressor Replacement at Apartment Complex

oakridge-manor-apartment-complex complex-AC-system-prevent-filters

Challenge – Cottonwood Seeds Destroy AC Coil and Compressor

A McQuay air cooled chiller, used for air conditioning the common area of an apartment complex in Minnesota, gets bombarded with cottonwood seeds every summer.  The debris, getting sucked into the system’s air intake, in conjunction with not maintaining the unit correctly over the years,  destroyed the outdoor AC coils and burned out the compressor from a higher-than-normal air flow resistance.  The building superintendent had to have a new replacement coil and compressor installed at a cost of $10,000.

Solution – Protect New Equipment Investments by Installing PreVent® Air Intake Filters to Catch Cottonwood

PreVent® Equipment Protection Filters, custom sized for each application, were ready in just days for easy installation.  Each application has its own installation challenges.  Prevent has a variety of design features which allow the filters to be attached easily and securely.  Cottonwood seeds can be quickly brushed off the filter screens with a broom or shop vac.  Fins, coils and compressor stay clean and run efficiently.


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