Marine Air Filters for Coast Guard Cutter

alder-cutter-ship Model IN JPG

Challenge – Washable Air Filters for a Corrosive Environment

One of the most advanced vessels afloat, integrating the latest technological developments in computers, navigation, environmental protection and remote monitoring systems required permanent, washable air filtration.  A cutter’s mission is to perform Aids to Navigation, Icebreaking, Search and Rescue, Homeland Security and Law Enforcement in all types of climate, as well as comfortably house a crew of 42 enlisted and 8 officers.  Maritime environments can be very unforgiving places when it comes to operating costly equipment and maintaining occupant safety and comfort.   Tightly sealed vessels in a dark, damp atmosphere with wide temperature differentials can be an HVACR technician’s worst nightmare.  Extreme weather conditions, sudden wind gusts and sea salt sprays all add to the corrosive environment.   Space and weight are design problems for vessels, requiring HVAC equipment are kept to a minimum.  Make-up air or fresh outside air is limited, especially down narrow halls and stairwells leading to closed off lower rooms.  Stagnate old air has no place to go and needs constant ventilation for recycling.  Airborne dust particles, bacteria, molds, yeasts and VOC’s can build up to be a serious problem.

Solution – Washable Electrostatic Model IN Air Filters

Finding the right air filtration solution begins by taking into account the airflow, the operating environment, the space constraints and the maintenance requirements.   Washable polypropylene media works extremely well in such an environment.  Still air, moisture and a food source, all elements readily available on a ship, create a perfect atmosphere for growing molds.    Because the woven media of polypropylene is manufactured as a mono (single strand) filament extruded plastic, it does not have a porous surface.  This means that it will not absorb or retain moisture, and does not encourage the growth of mold, bacteria, viruses, yeast or fungi, which are all common complaints in the boating/shipping industry.  Model IN with a durable stainless steel frame is designed for corrosive environments, and contains drain holes for thorough cleaning.


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