Rooftop Units Get Clogged at Commercial Laundromat

hard-to-reach-RTU-dirty-air-intakes lennox-rooftop-ac-clogged lennox-rtu-prevent-air-intake-screen

Challenge – Rooftop Lennox Units Located Near Dryer Exhaust Stacks

A busy commercial laundry service utilizes industrial dryers within their facility to service restaurants, spas, gyms, health care facilities and hotels within the New York – New Jersey Metro area.  Lint, created from the washed uniforms and towels as the water is removed,  is carried through the venting system outside to the building’s rooftop, where people do not frequent, but HVAC equipment does.  As the continuous duty exhaust blower spits dryer lint out of it’s stack, the Lennox units, designed to use outside air, end up sucking the airborne lint into their intake fins and coils.

Solution – Install PreVent® Air Intake Screens to Protect HVAC Equipment

Their local filter distributor recommended that PreVent® Equipment Protection Filters be custom sized in black high abrasion media for the air intakes on each piece of HVAC equipment.   Each application has its own installation challenges, so PreVent is available with a variety of design features which allowed the filters to be attached easily and securely with grommets and plastic mount kits.  Cleaning routines were simplified, equipment efficiencies optimized and  maintenance man-hours were utilized more efficiently.


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