Four Ways HVAC Air Intake Filters Save You Money

Want a fast and easy way to slash your facility and HVAC costs? Of course you do, and that’s why air intake filters are so popular and necessary. They provide many benefits including keeping your HVAC coils clean and, as reported by Process Cooling magazine, the average annual cost of running a system with dirty coils for a 100-ton HVAC system is an astonishing $22,500. Here are four ways air intake filters, also commonly referred to as filter screens and cottonwood screens, can substantially lower your facility costs.

1. Save on Maintenance and Repair Costs

Any building manager knows the cost of HVAC equipment repair can be excessive. But did you know a PreVent® air intake filter screen can lower maintenance costs by up to two-thirds? A PreVent filter screen fits over a unit’s air intake opening, keeping debris and contaminants from entering the system. Without one, the coils inside accumulate dirt, making the unit work harder to do its job, leading to more frequent equipment breakdown and maintenance repair.

Dirty coils were a big problem for Parker Water and Sanitation District. The district delivers clean water to more than 22,000 Colorado residents, and its sludge wastewater treatment plants treat up to 3.5 million gallons per day. Their facilities are surrounded by large cottonwood trees, and the white fluffy cottonwood seedlings fall off during the summer and throughout the fall, clogging the facility’s rooftop HVACR units. These systems help maintain the temperatures for critical operational equipment, and frequent maintenance was needed to keep them operational. But once they added custom-sized PreVent air intake filter screens, the changes were immediate. Instead of two-three people spending four-six hours working on the systems every two weeks, the facility now requires only one person to spend one hour per week keeping all the RTU systems running at peak efficiency. The labor costs alone are substantial.

2. Save on Cleaning Costs

Cleaning HVAC systems take plenty of time and money, but PreVent air intake filter screens have been shown to reduce cleaning costs by more than 25%.

The many PreVent success stories include sake producer Gekkeikan. They need to maintain precise temperature control throughout their production process. Unfortunately, their 52,200 square foot industrial food processing plant and warehouse are surrounded by trees, including cottonwoods. Those seeds were a constant problem, requiring frequent HVAC unit cleaning until PreVent filters were installed. Now, instead of long and costly clean-ups, the staff merely uses a brush or hose to wipe down the screen. This takes just minutes and has helped the company cut their cleaning costs by two-thirds.

3. Lower Utility Bills

A building’s heating and cooling system can account for 70% of its total energy use. But dirty coils raise energy bills. In fact, according to the EPA, a buildup of just 1/100th of an inch of dirt or film on an evaporator coil can reduce its efficiency by 5%, and a buildup of .042 (1/20) inches of dirt decreases efficiency by 21%. At a single data center, inefficient HVAC equipment can lead to hundreds of thousands of dollars a year in wasted costs. Fortunately, an air intake filter can make a big difference—cutting energy costs by 30% or higher.

4. Reduce Costs Associated with Downtime

IT data centers and server rooms demand continuous cooling to operate effectively. Even a temporary failure caused by overtaxing the grid may demand a complete cessation of operations. Did you know that the average cost to a data center from a single power outage in downtime alone is nearly $700,000? Local regulations may also require you to decontaminate and inspect your cooling tower before restarting it after a power failure—an expensive and time-consuming chore. By keeping equipment clean and running smoothly, without power disruptions, air intake filters can save a data center operator millions of dollars a year.

Additionally, HVAC equipment may have to be shut down while cleaning is taking place, or while air filters are being replaced. PreVent air intake filters can simply be brushed off in place, without even the need for water or chemicals—and without any system downtime.

The PreVent Air Intake Filter Advantage

When HVAC equipment malfunctions or breaks down, costs snowball—and can include the costs of repair, equipment replacement, labor, energy and downtime. An air intake filter, however, not only reduces those costs, but also keeps your pleated, metal mesh or washable electrostatic air filters lasting longer, and your HVAC systems working better and more efficiently. When you’re looking for an air intake filter, look no further than PreVent. PreVent air intake filters are not only an exceptional value but are the best on the market. Sturdy and durable, PreVent filter screens are custom-made in the USA to fit any outdoor air intake, and installation with our secure and patented MagnaMount® earth magnets takes minutes, with no drilling or tools. Plus, we offer the fastest turnaround in the industry and a five-year warranty.

How much will your savings be by using PreVent air intake filters? Add up the savings with our free calculator tool. You’ll see how much you’ll save on energy costs, repair, filter replacement and more.

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