What are standard air filter sizes?

permatron_environmentally_friendly_air_filtersOne of the common questions we are asked – particularly when someone doesn’t know the dimensions of their air filters is, what are the standard or most common filter sizes. We hope this quick reference chart will help you find just what you’re looking for…

Standard air filter sizes include:

10X20 14 X 20 16X24 20X20
12X12 14X24 16X25 24 X 24
12X20 14X25 18X18 20X24
12X24 14X30 18X20 20X25
12X30 15X20 18X24 20X30
12X36 16X20 18X25 24X24
18X30 25X25











Standard Air Filter Dimensions

Our standard air filter sizes are cut nominally, which means they are 1/2 inch undercut, based on industry standards (just like disposable air filters you purchase at your local hardware store).

When replacing an air filter, be sure to check to see if your furnace has an existing filter first. If so, does it fit properly? Are the corners squashed or has the filter been forced into the system to fit?

Remember, our washable electrostatic air filters feature a durable steel frame – it is far more durable than flexible cardboard.  A high-quality permanent/washable air filter will outlast the life of your HVAC system.

For example:

A 16 X 20 filter will have actual dimensions of 15 1/2 X 19-1/2.


DustEater Washable Furnace Filter

Take a look at our DustEater® and LifeStyle® series.  Most standard air filter sizes are kept in stock. This means they can ship out within 24-48 hours! While we do offer standard air filter sizes, we also offer custom sizing on ALL of our air filters.

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