The Benefits of the PreVent® Air Filtration System

The Benefits of the PreVent® Air Filtration System   The Benefits of the PreVent® Air Filtration System  The Benefits of the PreVent® Air Filtration System

Environmental elements are a challenge for any air intake system. Outdoor elements, like dust, hail, and cottonwood seeds cause airflow obstructions that can lead to costly damage repairs to your HVAC units. Whether your equipment is large or small, the PreVent System stops airborne debris before it ever gets inside your equipment.

PreVent air intake screens are designed with permanent, washable UV protected black polypropylene media, finished with vinyl edging and grommets for easy installation on all equipment types. This media draws in and traps airborne particulates before they can enter the system, and can quickly be cleaned in place with a broom or shop vac. All air filters are custom sized to meet any air intake challenge, including electrical and pipe cut-outs, special shapes, and skirting.

Installation has been made even easier and faster with Permatron’s recent introduction of MagnaMount®. A neodymium magnetic mounting option that eliminates the need to drill into equipment, this plastic mount clip with a powerfully strong earth magnet sticks to the surface of metal enclosure cabinets, allowing them to be repositioned as needed.

Benefits of Air Intake Filters on Your HVAC Equipment

Air Handling units: PreVent filters help to optimize environmental air quality and reduce filter change outs by extending the life of internal filters by up to 60%, per independent study.

Cooling Towers: Air intake filters help prevent fill material from getting clogged, help prevent sludge buildup in water basins and help optimize water chemical treatments while reducing chemical consumption. Additionally, by diffusing entry of sunlight into the tower and stopping entry of organic debris (a nutrient source for bacteria) , air intake filters help to thwart the growth of algae and fight proliferation of bacteria, including Legionella, the cause of Legionnaire’s Disease.

Unlike water and sand filter systems that only filter debris from the cooling water, air intake filters help keep debris out of the system in the first place and protects expensive fill material and cooling water so the system operates efficiently.

Reach-in Coolers, Ice Machines and Compressors: Magnetic framed air filter screens, such as PreVent Model R, keep fins and coils free of debris for optimal air flow efficiency and cooling capacity.  Eliminates downtime due to repeated fouling. Also eliminates the need for unnecessary coil cleaning solvents and power washing that can damage oils and fins.

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